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The Ryles Fund For Palm Beach County Housing

Our strategy to ensure Palm Beach County residents have a place to call home

The Ryles Fund For Palm Beach Housing is a community-wide outreach initiative designed to connect Palm Beach County residents with the essential services necessary to maintain stable housing. If you’re facing the risk of eviction, there will be assistance available for you.


As Commissioner Ryles will declare homelessness a County emergency from day one

The Ryles Fund For Palm Beach County Housing is a vital component of Attorney Ryles’ emergency response to homelessness—a groundbreaking community endeavor aimed at reaching hundreds of thousands of Palm Beach County residents at risk of eviction and providing them with the services needed to prevent homelessness.


Preserving Homes for Palm Beach County Residents is Paramount

This program, identifies at-risk renters and homeowners using public records including court filings, voter registration and census data. It also deploys outreach workers on a large scale to locate these individuals wherever they may be. The Ryles Fund For Palm Beach Housing will also promptly reach out to individuals who have received notices of impending eviction or foreclosure . Once we identify someone in need, we will pair them with a dedicated case manager who connects them with available resources and services such as food assistance, healthcare, and legal aid. Case workers will also guide and prevent foreclosures and evictions, offering Palm Beach County residents the opportunity to resolve their rental or mortgage debt. ​


The Ryles Fund for Palm Beach County Housing is Taking Action

To combat homelessness effectively in Palm Beach County, we must focus on preventing residents from losing their homes in the first place. While we cannot single-handedly solve this issue, it represents a pivotal step in expanding homelessness prevention efforts.

According to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness, between 60 to 75 percent of the estimated $40,000 to $65,000 cost of providing services to a homeless individual can be avoided by keeping high-risk tenants and homeowners in their homes.

Another report indicates a 59 percent reduction in hospital emergency department visits and associated costs, along with a 76 percent decrease in inpatient hospitalizations when individuals remain housed or are provided with housing options.